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Added in 0.2.1




What identifier should be avoided when generating new names




Controls if function names get renamed (added in v0.7.0)


To configure this rule to avoid using Roblox globals, add $roblox to the

  rule: "rename_variables",
  globals: ["$default", "$roblox"],

A configuration to avoid all identifiers from the default group and the identifier a and b.

  rule: "rename_variables",
  globals: ["$default", "a", "b"],


The globals property have special values that can be use to group multiple values together. They start with an $ character.


The default standard globals in Lua

arg, assert, collectgarbage, coroutine, debug, dofile, error, gcinfo, getfenv, getmetatable, io, ipairs, load, loadfile, loadstring, math, module, newproxy, next, os, package, pairs, pcall, print, rawequal, rawget, rawset, require, select, setfenv, setmetatable, string, table, tonumber, tostring, type, unpack, xpcall, _G, _VERSION


The globals from Roblox Lua

Axes, bit32, BrickColor, CellId, ColorSequence, ColorSequenceKeypoint, Color3, CFrame, DateTime, DebuggerManager, delay, DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo, elapsedTime, Enum, Faces, Instance, LoadLibrary, game, NumberRange, NumberSequence, NumberSequenceKeypoint, PathWaypoint, PhysicalProperties, plugin, PluginDrag, PluginManager, printidentity, Random, Ray, RaycastParams, Rect, Region3, Region3int16, script, settings, shared, stats, spawn, tick, time, TweenInfo, typeof, UDim, UDim2, UserSettings, utf8, Vector2, Vector2int16, Vector3, Vector3int16, version, wait, warn, workspace, ypcall

Note that Lua language key words such as return and do are automatically excluded and not configurable.