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When transforming Lua using the darklua process command, darklua can read a configuration file to customize how the code is transformed.


Rules are what transform Lua code. When processing code with darklua, it is essentially going through a given list of rules one by one, each one transforming code and feeding it to the next rule.

Important note: one thing to understand is that the ordering of these rules sometimes have importance! For example, you should inject a value before trying to compute expressions statically or optimize if branches out.

More information is available in the section specific to rule configuration.


From the directory where you run darklua process, darklua will attempt to read the following files automatically:

  • .darklua.json
  • .darklua.json5

To provide a different configuration file, this subcommand also accept a specific path to a configuration file with --config <path>.

Quick Reference

Any missing field will be replaced with its default value.

  // Output code in different ways depending on the given generator
  generator: "retain_lines", // default value

  bundle: {
    // Identifier used by darklua to store the bundled modules
    modules_identifier: "__DARKLUA_BUNDLE_MODULES",

    // To avoid bundling certain paths, insert patterns into the list to exclude
    // them (see https://github.com/olson-sean-k/wax/blob/master/README.md#patterns
    // for details about the syntax)
    excludes: [],

    // Configure how requires are interpreted
    require_mode: {
      // Currently, the only supported require mode is `path`
      name: "path",

      // When requiring folders, require the file named like this value inside of it
      module_folder_name: "init",

      // Provide paths that can be required with a specific prefix
      sources: {
        // Map strings to paths relative to the configuration files itself
        // for example, to support requires of Wally packages as `pkg/PackageName`,
        // map `pkg` to a path to the `Packages` folder created by Wally:
        pkg: "./Packages",

  // Define the rules that will transform the Lua code.
  // If you do not provide this field, the default list of rules is
  // going to be executed.
  rules: [
    // For rules with parameters, use the object notation to specify
    // the values to override
      rule: "inject_global_value",
      identifier: "DEBUG",
      value: false,