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Added in 0.10.0



require mode

The require mode used in the input code

require mode

The require mode used to generate the new require calls

This rule is particularly useful if you are writing Lua code that needs to be portable to Roblox, as you can automatically convert requires by file path to Roblox instances.

Right now, the current and target require modes have certain restrictions:

  • current: can only be the path require mode
  • target: can only be the roblox require mode

Configuration Overview

Here is an overview of the rule configuration format:

  rule: "convert_require",
  current: {
    name: "path",

    // optional (defaults to 'init')
    module_folder_name: "init",

    // optional
    sources: {
      pkg: "./Packages",
  target: {
    name: "roblox",

    // optional
    rojo_sourcemap: "./path-to/sourcemap.json",

    // optional (defaults to 'find_first_child')
    indexing_style: "find_first_child", // 'wait_for_child' or 'property'

For more information about how to configure each of require mode, visit the path require mode documentation and the roblox require mode documentation.